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Current Jefferson Clubs


Alphabet Safespace (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)        Alphabet Safe Space is a Gender and Sexuality Alliance that works to: Promote a more inclusive and accepting learning environment for all students. Reduce harassment or teasing, especially related to a person’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Provide a safe place to discuss concerns such as: how to support a friend who is realizing he/she/they are LGBTQIA, how to respond to direct harassment or joking remarks about sexual orientation or gender identity, and where to get help if you or a friend need it. Plan events to educate the school community and to debunk stereotypes about LGBTQIA individuals and issues. Empower young people to become leaders and role models within their school community. Have fun!
Culture Club    The focus of Culture Club is to celebrate cultural diversity and its abundance in Midland and right here at JMS. In this new millennium, we are exceedingly connected to the entire globe through technology and business. It is likely that our students will someday work in a career that will require global/cultural skills. Students in the United States are not always as globally prepared as they should be, and we are part of the force behind changing that. We want our students to be better global citizens!
Math Counts    The goal of MathCounts is to prepare students to compete against other middle school students in the MathCounts competition. This competition is for students who enjoy working through difficult math problems and applying what they have learned in their math classes. Students will first compete against students that attend Jefferson and have the opportunity to compete at a regional and state level.
Feminism Club     
Art Club     
Science Olympiad     
P2P (Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention / Mental Health Awareness)    Peer-2-Peer Depression Awareness is an advocacy group working to abolish stigma around mental health. We work to help those with mental health issues get the resources they need. We also help to provide others with information about mental health, and how to handle it appropriately when necessary. We use games and activities to help students figure out emotions, understand signs of depression and other mental health difficulties, and lower the stigma around mental health, all while being in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment.
S.T.E.M. Club    This club is for any JMS student interested in promoting and building a strong STEM community within our school. This club focuses on different fields in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each session idea comes from the members. Meetings are interactive through experiments, guest speakers, activities, group debates/discussions, building, brainstorming, projects, and/or problem solving. There are leadership opportunities later in the year to organize and coordinate an event on your favorite topic for your peers. Come when you are able for topics that interest you! A calendar of themes will be posted on the STEM board and JMS STEM website every month.
Book Club    **The goal of the Jefferson Book Club is to provide interested students with an environment in which to share a love of reading and good books, promote and encourage good reading habits, and encourage a reading culture in the greater Jefferson community.
You Be The Chemist    One of Jefferson's Team was the You Be The Chemist winner for Michigan and second runner up in the nation for 2022! This is a competition for students to demonstrate knowledge about Chemistry. Participants will take the Qualifier exam in December, facilitated by Mrs. Brillhart. Students will participate in teams to prepare for the regional test and create a video about a Chemistry topic for submission. The video will be combined with the Regional Challenge score to determine the state winners and national finalists. Advancing teams will have the opportunity to compete at an in-person Regional Challenge.
JMS Space Farmers    The Jefferson Space Farmers participate in Growing Beyond Earth (GBE) is a classroom-based project operated in partnership with NASA. It includes a series of plant experiments conducted by students using equipment similar to the Vegetable Production System (Veggie) on the International Space Station. Students will gather data on their plant project while learning how plants can be grown in space. Each year students are given the opportunity to present their original research to NASA scientists and administrators during the annual Student Research Symposium. The program starts in October with a kickoff meeting for the challenge. Students will take turns measuring plants daily and meet about 2x a month on Tuesdays afterschool from 2:50-3:45 pm in room 305 where we learn more about NASA’s Veggie program. A commitment is required to help monitor growth and run the experiment throughout the two trials.
Electronics Club     
Yearbook    The goal for the yearbook club is to plan and design the yearbook. Students will take pictures, design layouts, and organize the yearbook from initial concept to final product.
Student leadership     
musical (depending on COVID)     
Newspaper    All faculty, students, and parents have access to the newspaper, posted digitally and printed for Jefferson students. At newspaper meetings students brainstorm ideas, collaborate on writing/ proofreading articles, and create the format of the newspaper to be published. It is a student-run newspaper with a faculty advisor.
Dungeons and Dragons    The goal for Dungeons and Dragons club is to promote socialization by helping members get to know peers who have the same interests. Members meet once a week to play D&D.
Authors' Association    a student led writing club for any 7th graders who enjoy writing and who want to write and share their work; Mrs Z simply provides the venue and supervises the students while they are attending the meeting
Science Olympiad    ****We are waiting to hear how this will be organized. Our region does not have enough participating schools and may not continue.*** Usually, a team of 15 students preparing from October until May meet to compete in 23 different events. This is highly competitive and requires outside practices to prepare. Events include a variety of STEM areas such as Anatomy and Physiology, Ping Pong Parachute, Bridges,Mousetrap Vehicle, Ornithology (Birds), Dynamic Planet, Crime Busters, Food Science, Road Scholar and many other topics.