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Current Jefferson Clubs


Alphabet Safespace (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)        Alphabet Safe Space is a Gender and Sexuality Alliance that works to: Promote a more inclusive and accepting learning environment for all students. Reduce harassment or teasing, especially related to a person’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Provide a safe place to discuss concerns such as: how to support a friend who is realizing he/she/they are LGBTQIA, how to respond to direct harassment or joking remarks about sexual orientation or gender identity, and where to get help if you or a friend need it. Plan events to educate the school community and to debunk stereotypes about LGBTQIA individuals and issues. Empower young people to become leaders and role models within their school community. Have fun!
Art Club (2D)     
Art Club (2D)     
Chess Club    Players of all levels are welcome. Contact:
Crochet Club     
Culture Club     
Curling Club    Contact Michael Graves: or
Culture Club    The focus of Culture Club is to celebrate cultural diversity and its abundance in Midland and right here at JMS. In this new millennium, we are exceedingly connected to the entire globe through technology and business. It is likely that our students will someday work in a career that will require global/cultural skills. Students in the United States are not always as globally prepared as they should be, and we are part of the force behind changing that. We want our students to be better global citizens!
Dungeons and Dragons    The goal for Dungeons and Dragons club is to promote socialization by helping members get to know peers who have the same interests. Members meet once a week to play D&D.
Drama Club     
Enviornmental Club    Open to all grades
Flint Science Fair    Time, supplies and Mentoring to prepare a project for the Spring Flint Science Fair. All grades welcome. Calendars will be share and posted on CANVAS COURSE
Jazz Band    Open to 7th & 8th Grade Band students, or by invitation. Music reading skills required.
Magic The Gathering     
Math Counts    The goal of MathCounts is to prepare students to compete against other middle school students in the MathCounts competition. This competition is for students who enjoy working through difficult math problems and applying what they have learned in their math classes. Students will first compete against students that attend Jefferson and have the opportunity to compete at a regional and state level.
Module United Nations Club    We will prepare to participate in the Red Cedar Model UN Conference @ Michigan State University on February 3rd. Contact:
P2P (Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention / Mental Health Awareness)    Peer-2-Peer Depression Awareness is an advocacy group working to abolish stigma around mental health. We work to help those with mental health issues get the resources they need. We also help to provide others with information about mental health, and how to handle it appropriately when necessary. We use games and activities to help students figure out emotions, understand signs of depression and other mental health difficulties, and lower the stigma around mental health, all while being in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment.
Robotics - Jefferson CyDogs    
Robotics - Jefferson TechnoHuskies    
Robotics - Jefferson Wired Wolves    
Space Farmers    Grow plants and present to NASA scientists. All Grades welcome. Calendar will be shared and posted on CANVAS Course
S.T.E.M. Club    Flexible STEM time with many make and takes and guest presenters. All Grades welcome on a drop in when you can. STEM Activities variety each meeting. Calendar will be shared and posted on CANVAS Course
Student leadership    Calendar dates will be shared with members. Application form needs to be filled out ahead.
Tech Club 6th grade     
You Be The Chemist    Teams of students prepare for a Chemisty test and video. Independent research and optional practice time. All Grades welcome. Calendar will be shared.
Young Writers Studio    Permission slip needs to be completed and turned in order to participate. Open to all grades. Meeting dates will be on permission slip. Limited roster slots.